We supply products from a range of local and global manufacturers to suit all manners of residential and commercial applications. From the conventional to the unique, we source products to satisfy all tastes and budgets.

Choose your application below or feel free to visit our showroom and view a sample or collect a swatch to borrow and take onsite. If you wish to get a better idea of a particular manufacturers range online, you can view specific product range information directly from the suppliers’ website. A list of those that Bruce Bros actively support are available here.



Wool carpet is a natural and sustainable product providing undeniable comfort and style. This resilient product is difficult to ignite, making it the safest carpet fibre available. Due to its’ superb insulation properties, wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool carpets are naturally non-allergenic due to their ability to naturally absorb and filter airborne volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Using only a fraction of the energy used to create synthetic fibre, wool carpet is environmentally friendly with natural soil and stain resistant qualities, allowing for less cleaning and providing a longer lifespan.


Designed to withstand excessive wear and tear, synthetic carpet is perfect for high traffic areas. With its stain resistant qualities, improved protection against fading and the ability to hold its shape for longer, synthetic carpet is perfect for the budget conscious and those wanting an economical flooring solution.


A stylish and contemporary alternative to standard carpet rolls; carpet tiles are an effortless way to reinvent any room. Pattern design is endless, making your flooring a designers dream. With stain resistant qualities and the ability to remove for cleaning, carpet tiles are in high demand for both residential and commercial applications.



The elegance and warmth of natural timber floors instantly add value to any home. This environmentally friendly product can endure years of wear and tear whilst maintaining its timeless beauty. Due to its resilient nature, timber floors don’t harbour dust or mould, making it one of the cleanest surfaces available and a great alternative for allergen suffers. There are many varieties available including solid and engineered wood as well as bamboo and laminate flooring.



With the authentic look of traditional crafted wood and ceramic tiles, together with some very modern and unique patterns, vinyl flooring can bring stylish designs and practicality to any room. Comfortable underfoot with water and scratch resistant qualities, vinyl is a suitable flooring option for many domestic and commercial applications and is available in sheet, tile and woven options.


Slip resistant, even when wet, non-slip vinyl is the ultimate in safe flooring. Its’ resilient surface is comfortable underfoot and reduces ambient noise levels. With the ability to cover anything from wall joints to rounded corners, non-slip vinyl is a suitable flooring option for many residential and commercial spaces and is available in sheet, tile and woven options.


Marmoleum, Forbo’s main linoleum brand, is a natural floor made from 97% natural raw materials. Available in over 300 colours with 12 different structures to choose from, Marmoleum is a sustainable flooring option that offers a design to suit every style and application.


The moisture resistant nature of rubber, combined with its’ durability and cushioning properties, make it an ideal flooring option for commercial spaces. Easy to clean and designed to with stand heavy foot traffic, as well as being a recyclable material, rubber is an environmentally friendly flooring solution.


For a natural, unique and resilient floor covering, cork is extremely flexible and resilient with excellent thermal and sound insulation properties, suitable for floor areas subject to high foot traffic, where long life and safety are important prerequisites. Because cork does not absorb dust, it helps to protect against allergies and does not pose a risk to asthma sufferers. It provides excellent underfoot comfort, reducing impact on joints and muscles. Cork is a completely natural product and no other natural or artificial product has been able to replace cork from the point of view of economy and efficiency for flooring. As with all our products, there is a vast array of modern colours available.



To enhance the beauty of a room, increase underfoot comfort and reduce noise levels, opt for a custom made rug. Whether it be loose or inlaid, your rug will act as a practical and functional piece of artwork for the floor. Unleash your inner designer flare, as the design possibilities are endless.

Bruce Bros are licensed Tretford rug specialists. Available in 48 impressive colours, Tretford rugs are a dimensionally stable flooring solution that does not unravel or fray. Made from goat hair, this unique feature allows you to cut the product to any shape or size, giving you the flexibility to create a custom rug to suit a vast array of tastes and budgets.


Threshold trims

Threshold trims provide a safe non-slip flooring solution. Suitable for internal and external applications, providing various solutions to common problems encountered where different floor coverings are used together.

Stair Nosing and Edging

Stair nosings provide a safe non-slip flooring solution, compliant with Australian standards. Suitable for internal and external applications, the right stair nosing increases the visibility of stairs, reducing trip hazards and prolonging the life of your floors.

Acoustic Underlay

Bruce Bros install high quality underlay with both carpet and timber products. We have a wide range of luxury and acoustic underlays available for carpet, timber and vinyl. We stock market leading products from Australian suppliers.